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Midas Aged Chardonnay Vinegar (250mL)

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Midas Chardonnay Vinegar is a slightly aged reduction of the well-loved Chardonnay wine and still retains the classic flavour notes of apples and stonefruit. In fact, the word vinegar derives from the French term “vin aigre” which translates to sour wine in English. Carefully fermented and filtered in the Granite Belt region of Queensland before being hand-bottled, Midas Chardonnay Vinegar is an intense modern vinegar aged less than 1 year. As a result of this short ageing process it doesn’t darken like Midas Balsamic Vinegar or have the same complexities of flavour. This vinegar has lower acidity giving it a light, fresh and zesty flavour with a touch of sweetness - a noticeable and welcomed upgrade to the standard white wine vinegar. 

Be Inspired 

With a sweet but tangy full bodied finish, Midas Aged Chardonnay Vinegar is perfectly suited as a dressing to any leafy green salad or drizzled over shucked oysters, cured salmon or scallops. Add to risotto or soup for sweetness & flavour or bathe Mediterranean vegetables before roasting. 

The Details

250mL glass bottle filled with amber coloured Chardonnay Vinegar, with a stainless steel pourer tied to the neck. Remove the cork and replace with the pourer to slowly decant the vinegar.