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Midas Luxury Gifts

Midas Infused Olive Oil Trio Set

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Truffle Infused Olive Oil

Our Truffle Infused olive oil allows you to enjoy the exquisite flavour of white truffles year round - a distinctive earthy and musky aroma with a garlicky flavour reminiscent of shallots with a hint of parmesan.

Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Our Garlic Infused olive oil is rich and versatile, perfect with pastas, marinades, sautéed mushrooms, char-grilled meat and vegetables, stir fries or drizzled over bruschetta and wood-fired pizza before serving. Delicious with our Dukkah for dipping or as salad dressing.

Chilli Infused Olive Oil

Our Chilli Infused olive oil is the perfect way to add a lively glow to any dish. Enjoy with stir fries, prawns, pastas, marinades, dressings, grilled steaks, chicken, pizza and Thai beef salad.