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Midas Truffle Infused Olive Oil

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Our Truffle Infused olive oil allows you to enjoy the exquisite flavour of white truffles year round - a distinctive earthy and musky aroma with a garlicky flavour reminiscent of shallots with a hint of parmesan. 

The white truffle flavour is aromatic, earthy, subtle and complements the olive oil beautifully - indulge by drizzling over poached eggs, mushroom risotto, beef carpaccio, pastas, green salads, mashed potatoes, or steamed cauliflower for a luxurious twist.

The organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is masterfully infused without heat to create distinctive perfectly balanced oils that will add gourmet flair to your meals with just a drizzle.


99.5% Australian organic extra virgin olive oil, 0.5% truffle flavour (conventional, vegan friendly)